Unlock the Secrets of Timeless Japanese Culture with Kamadohan.

A traditional Kamado with a twist, made in the mountains of Tamba.
No heat adjustments or stove required!

The Kamadohan - USD $80

A beautifully handmade Kamadohan just for you! Now available in 3 color variations

Kamadohan & Rice Bowl Set - USD $100

The Kamadohan and serving bowl set is perfect for cooking up and enjoy flavorful rice.

What is Kamadohan?

The Kamadohan is a small one-cup ceramic cooker that can be placed on the dining table to wait for the rice to be cooked.

The time spent waiting for the rice to finish cooking also becomes a pleasure as the steam gently rises and the appetizing aroma of the rice fills the room.

Why is Kamadohan?

We at Kanshingama are working hard every day with the hope that our pottery will become one of the items that make your life more enjoyable!

This time, we have developed the "Kamadohan," which is very easy to handle and allows you to enjoy delicious rice cooked in a traditional kamado pot.

The story of Kashingama & the creation of Kamadohan

In a rich natural setting surrounded by mountains in Tamba City, Hyogo Prefecture, a Kanshingama potter Yasunobu Osugi uses the traditional Japanese pottery technique called Shinogi to create the Kamadohan

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